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Family pictures

This series was selected out of a body of pictures accumulated over the last 8 years. A total of 68 pictures were printed 46x31cm on glossy, multi-grade, fibre photographic paper and glued on aluminium-dibond. Except three of them, all are shown here. The first 38 pictures constituted the main body of my graduation work from the art college in Sint Niklaas, Belgium in June 2008. The last 30 were shown in June 2011 at the final evaluation in the same art school. In June 2008 I was one of the four laureates for the "Leon Hulstaert" prize from that college. Part of the prize is an exhibition to be organized and funded by the academy that took place one year later. In 2011, I was again nominated for the prize by the evaluating jury. Since it is a prize given to encourage further work, and I had received that encouragement aleady, I was not eligeable anymore. It is nice however to be nominated.